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A Woman Called Moses

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(NBC, 12/11/1978 and 12/12/1978, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). Dramatization of the life of the legendary Civil War era slave, Harriet Tubman, who escaped to freedom and returned to the South many times to rescue others via her underground railroad. Orson Welles narrated the film, adapted from Marcy Heidish’s 1976 book.

Production Companies Henry Jaffe Enterprises, I.K.E. Productions. Director Paul Wendkos. Executive Producer Henry Jaffe. Producers Ike Jones, Michael Jaffe. Teleplay Lonne Elder III. Based on the Novel by Marcy Heidish. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson. Theme song by Van McCoy. Song performed by Tommie Young. Editors Frank Mazzola, Stanley Frazen, Elio Zarmati. Art Director Ray Beal.

Cast Cicely Tyson (Harriet Ross Tubman), Will Geer (Thomas Garrett), Robert Hooks (William Still), James Wainwright (Andrew Coleman), Jason Bernard (Daddy Ben Ross), Clifford David (Doc Thompson), Judyann Elder (Bernette Wilson), John Getz (Stewart), Mae Mercer (Aunt Juba), Harry Rhodes (Tazwell Robinson), James B. Sikking (McCracken), Charles Weldon (Shadrack Davis), Dick Anthony Williams (John Tubman), Marilyn Coleman (Molly), Cecilia Hart (Susan), Ann Weldon (Mama Ritt Ross), Jean Renee Foster (Young Harriet Tubman), Malik Carter (Black Man), Alice Hirson (Miss Rodham), Hector Maisonette (Joe Bailey), John Perak (Charley), Hank Rolike (Amos), Patricia Smith (Mrs. Lean Jenkins), Howard Witt (Edward), James D. Bridges Jr. (Young Shadrack Davis), Eugene Daniel (1st patroller), Robert Harper (Wagon driver), Michael Haywood (1st Coleman’s man), Peter Hellman (Karl Muller), Don Hood (Tom), B.J. Hopper (Chairman), Kedren Jones (Elvina), Roy Jones (Robert Ross), Jerry Leggio (3rd Coleman’s man), Minnie G. Lindsey (Rebecca), Dennis McCarthy (Boatman), James O’Connell (Conductor), F. William Parker (Buyer), Kenneth Rogers (Edward Broad), Ray Spruell (Planter), James Steele (2nd patroller), Elliot Washington (Bernie Ross), Kenneth White (Heckler), Frances E. Williams (Old woman in church), Roberta Jean Williams (Hogie Robinson), Jerii Woods (Martha), Emmanuel Thomas (Willie), Todd Davis (Jim), James Jeter (Bowers), Orson Welles (Narrator).

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