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Women at West Point

board dahl epstein productions

(CBS, 2/27/1979, 120 mins). A fictionalized drama about the first women to enter the U.S. Military Academy in 1976 and the reactions they faced. Filmed entirely at West Point.

Production Companies Green-Epstein Productions, Alan Sacks Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Vincent Sherman. Executive Producers Allen Epstein, Jim Green. Producer Alan Sacks. Teleplay Ann Marcus, Ellis Marcus. Based on a Story by Juleen Compton. Photography Sol Negrin. Music Charles Bernstein. Editor Grant Hoag. Art Director Gene Rudolf.

Cast Linda Purl (Jennifer Scott), Leslie Ackerman (Molly Dahl), Jameson Parker (J. J. Palfrey), Andrew Stevens (Doug Davidson), Edward Edwards (Pete Greenway), Bernard Barrow (Commandant), Joan Kaye (Bea Scott), Paul Gleason (Maj. James Kirk), Victor Bevine (Vincent Cavelli), Jack Blessing (Tom Fenton), Lee Toombs (Harvey Hagan), Cheryl Francis (Liz Grote), Michelle Raum (Susan Zachary), Robert Townsend (Russell Baker), Peter Armstrong (Ebberly), Sheila Walsh (Mrs. Dahl), James Mitchell. (Colonel Dahl), Anne Byrne Hoffman (Ms. Atwood), Armin Shimerman (Major Logan), Al Corley (Paul), Javotte S. Greene (Mrs. Grute), Donald Van Horn (Board member), Ken Olin (Board member), Nicholas Guest (Board member).

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