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Women in White

robert rayburn nurse novel

(NBC, 2/8/1979, 120 mins). Soap opera set in a big city hospital where dedication and professionalism vie with jealousy, romance and rivalry among staff members and the newly appointed Chief of Staff (Susan Flannery) attempts to run the place despite her personal problems. Initially presented over three consecutive weeks, this film from the 1974 novel by the best-selling author of “Doctors’Wives” later was reedited into a two part four hour movie.

Production Companies Groverton Productions, Universal Television. Director Jerry London. Executive Producer David Victor. Producer Robert F. O’Neill. Teleplay Robert Malcolm Young, Irving Pearlberg. Based on the Novel by Frank G. Slaughter. Photography Michael D. Margulies. Music Morton Stevens. Editor Edwin F. England, Larry Strong. Art Director Howard E. Johnson. Costumes Edith Head.

Cast Susan Flannery (Dr. Rebecca Dalton), Kathryn Harrold (Dr. Jill Bates), Howard McGillin (Dr. Frank Evanhauer), Sheree North (Lisa Gordon), David Ackroyd (Dr. Mike Rayburn), Patty Duke Astin (Cathy Payson), Maggie Cooper (Priscilla Harper), Robert Culp (Anthony Broadhurst), Gerald McRaney (Dr. Gus Henderson), Stewart Moss (Father Hagan), Gerald S. O’Loughlin (Richard Payson), Aldo Ray (Frederick Thayler), Caroline Smith (Ellen Rayburn), Laraine Stephens (Dr. Karen Fletcher), Stuart Whitman (Dr. Ken Dalton), Tracy Reed (Virginia Tyndall), Dene Crowder (Deena Tyndall), Guillermo San Juan (Eduardo Valdez), Gina Alvarado (Mrs. Valdez), Harriet Karr (Valerie), Scott Brady (Bartender), Gloria Delaney (1st nurse), June Whitley Taylor (Nurse Jean Robinson), Carol Baxter (Mary Haskell), Linda Ryan (Helen Thayler), Janet Winter (Admitting nurse), Elaine Blair (June), Paul Picerni (Technician), Erin O’Neill (Mary Haskell’s child), Tonya Crowe (Cynthia Rayburn).

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