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You Can't Go Home Again

john jack editor thomas

(CBS, 4/25/1979, 120 mins). Thomas Wolfe’s literary classic, telling of the struggles of a young writer determined to be a success in New York’s literary world of the 1920s, his married lover and the brilliant editor who sees him as a blossoming genius. The story parallels the life of Wolfe himself and his affair with stage designer Aline Bernstein (here called Esther Jack). Editor Maxwell Perkins was the fictional Foxhall Edwards’ real-life counterpart.

Production Company CBS Entertainment Productions. Director Ralph Nelson. Executive Producer Bob Markell. Teleplay Ian McClellan Hunter. Based on the Novel by Thomas Wolfe. Photography Jack Priestley. Music Charles Gross. Editor Murray Solomon. Art Director David Chapman.

Cast Lee Grant (Esther Jack), Chris Sarandon (George Webber), Hurd Hatfield (Foxhall Edwards), Tammy Grimes (Amy Carlton), Christopher Murney (Milliken), Roland Winters (Judge Bland), Paul Sparer (Fritz Jack), Malachy McCourt (Tim Wagner), Robert Aberdeen (Piggy Logan), Seth Allen (Sam Pennock), Scott Baker (Sol), John C. Becher (Minister), John Bentley (Higgins), Ronald Bishop. (Sidney), Elif Dagfin (1st officer), Francesca DeSapio (Else von Kohler), Alfred Hinckley (Mayor Kennedy), Michael Egan (Karl), Rex Everhart (Flack), John Favorite (Secretary to the Mayor), Arthur French (Otis), Desirée Gould (1st hooker), John Hallow (Lawrence Hirsh), Edward C. Henry, Ray Hill, Thomas Hill, Beej Johnson, Juergen Kuehn, Eileen Letchworth, Abby Lewis, Paul Milikin, Mack R. Miller, Gordon Oas-Heim, Ralph Redpath, William Robertson, John Seymour, Martin Shakar, Myra Stennett, Jeremiah Sullivan, Vincent Van Lynn, Kai Wulff, Frank Young.

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