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Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy

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(ABC, 9/18/1977, 120 mins). A drama about the eldest Kennedy brother who undertook a perilous World War II mission that would bring him home a hero and achieve the family dream of a Kennedy in the White House. The film, based on Hank Searls’ 1969 book “The Lost Prince,” was Emmy Award nominated as the Outstanding Special of the 1977-78 TV season. Editor Ronald J. Fagan also received an Emmy nomination for his work.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Richard T. Heffron. Producer Bill McCutchen. Teleplay M. Charles Cohen. Based on a Book by Hank Searls. Photography Stevan Larner. Music John Barry. Editor Ronald J. Fagan. Art Director Bill Malley.

Cast Peter Strauss (Joseph Kennedy Jr.), Barbara Parkins (Vanessa Hunt), Stephen Elliott (Joseph Kennedy Sr.), Darlene Carr (Kathleen Kennedy), Simon Oakland (Delaney), Asher Brauner (Mike Krasna), Lance Kerwin (Joe Jr. at age 14), Peter Fox (Simpson), Steve Kanaly (Ray Pierce), Robert Englund (Willy), Gloria Stroock (Rose Kennedy), Tara Talboy (Elinor), Ben Fuhrman (Hank Riggs), James B. Sikking (Commander Devril), Ken Swofford (Greenway), Sam Chew Jr. (Jack Kennedy), Patrick Laborteaux (Ted Kennedy), Shane Kerwin (Bobby Kennedy), Margie Zech (Jean Kennedy), Kristin Larkin (Rosemary Kennedy), Rosanne Covy (Eunice Kennedy), Deirdre Berthrong (Pat Kennedy), Lawrence Driscoll (Anderson), Kim O’Brien (Melody Lane), Michael Irving (Billy Harrington), Gardner Hayes (English major).

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