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Young Love, First Love

leslie steve howard producer

(CBS, 11/20/1979, 120 mins). A teenage couple of disparate backgrounds experience their first romance. She’s a girl from a permissive California family; he’s from a conservative midwestern family and has moved in with his sister on the West Coast after the death of his parents. Initially, this was called “A Girl and a Boy: The First Time.”

Production Company Lorimar Productions. Director Steven Hilliard Stern. Executive Producer Lee Rich. Producer Robert L. Jacks. Teleplay Dan Polier Jr. Based on a Story by Norma Klein. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Artie Kane. Song “The First Time Is This Time” by Carol Connors, Artie Kane. Song Performed by Valerie Bertinelli. Editor Kurt Hirschler. Art Director John Kuri.

Cast Valerie Bertinelli (Robin Gibson), Timothy Hutton (Derek Clayton), Arlen Dean Snyder (Howard), Fionnuala Flanagan (Audrey Gibson), Leslie Ackerman (Sharon), Dee Wallace (Leslie), James Gallery (Dr. Stuart), Grant Wilson (Richard), Adam Gunn (Mark), Charlie Brill (Mr. Quinlan), Michael Lang (Bobby), Stonewall Jackson (Black student), Mitch Brown (Ricky), Loren Lester (Jeff), David Ruprecht (Wayne), Susan Fenberg (Vicky), Mike Foster (Coach Kenny), Steve Ross (Steve Krantz), Mercedes Shirley (Miss Holmes).

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