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Zuma Beach

john somers suzanne dick

(NBC, 9/27/1978, 120 mins). A fading rock star (Suzanne Somers) goes to the beach on the last day of summer to unwind and forget about her faltering career, only to become involved with the problems of a group of teenagers out for surf and sun. John Carpenter, one of the co writers, went on to big screen directing (and writing) fame and later did TV’s “Elvis.”

Production Companies Edgar J. Scherick Associates, Warner Bros. Television. Director Lee H. Katzin. Executive Producers Daniel H. Blatt, Edgar J. Scherick. Producers Bruce Cohn Curtis, Brian Grazer. Teleplay John Carpenter, William A. Schwartz. Based on a Story by Al Ramrus, John Herman Shaver. Photography Hector Figueroa. Music Dick Halligan. Song “Don’t Run Away” by Carol Connors, Dick Halligan. Song performed by Suzanne Somers. Editors Robbie L. Shapiro, Robert L. Swanson. Art Director Alan Manser.

Cast Suzanne Somers (Bonnie Katt), Steven Keats (Jerry McCabe), Mark Wheeler (David Hunter), Kimberly Beck (Cathy), Perry Lang (Billy), Michael Biehn (J.D.), Biff Warren (Norman), Les Lannom (Stan), Rosanna Arquette (Beverly), Gary Imhoff (Frank), Leonard Stone (Johnson), Steve Franken (Rick), P.J. Soles (Nancy), Ben Marley (Steve), Shelley Johnson (Judy), Richard Molinare (Frank), Tanya Roberts (Denise), Timothy Hutton (Art), Joshua Daniel (Bobby), Gary Prendergast (Pete), Bobby Doran (Lou), Victor Brandt (Tom), Susan Duvall (Barbara), Peter Kowalski (Ward), Andre de la Roche (Jack), Janus Blythe (Jennifer), Gavin Thomas (John), Delta Burke (Terri).

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