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Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women

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(NBC, 5/21/1978, 180 mins). The life and times of the flamboyant showman (played by Paul Shenar, who earlier had portrayed Orson Welles) who built his legendary Follies around beautiful women,. This three-hour film, as told by the women in Ziegfeld’s life, received seven Emmy Award nominations, and Gerald Perry Finnerman won for his photography, John DeCuir for his production design, and Richard C. Goddard for his set decoration. Other nominations included Dick DeBenedictis (music), Les Green (editing) and Grady Hunt (costumes). Flo Ziegfeld’s daughter participated in the production as technical advisor.

Production Companies Frankovich Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Buzz Kulik. Executive Producer M.J. Frankovich. Producer Buzz Kulik. Teleplay Joanna Lee. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music Dick DeBenedictis. Choreographer Miriam Nelson. Editor Les Green. Production Designer John DeCuir Jr. Technical Advisor Patricia Ziegfeld Stephenson. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Paul Shenar (Flo Ziegfeld), Samantha Eggar (Billie Burke), Barbara Parkins (Anna Held), Pamela Peadon (Marilyn Miller), Valerie Perrine (Lillian Lorraine), Gene McLaughlin (Will Rogers), Richard Shea (Eddie Cantor), Catherine Jacoby (Fanny Brice), David Downing (Bert Williams), Inga Swenson (Nora Bayes), Ron Hussman (Jack Norworth), Frances Lee McCain (Martha), Cliff Norton (Abe Erlanger), Richard B. Shull (Joseph Ervin), David Opatoshu (Flo’s father), Nehemiah Persoff (Charles Frohman), Jessica Rains (Goldie), Kent Kuehn (The Great Shadow), Dan Travis Jr. (Jules Bledsoe), Lilyan Chauvin (Louise), Tara Talboy (Patricia Ziegfeld at age 14), James Francis (Florenz Ziegfeld at age 4), Leon Charles (Diamond Jim Brady), Marti Stevens (Blanche Burke), Penny Ciarlo (Olive Thomas), David Knapp (Julius Steger), Walter Wilson (Frank Carter), David Griffiths (Somerset Maugham), Dan Tullis Jr. (Stevedore), Victor Rogers (Talent scout), William Bogert (Parson), David Levy. (Irving Berlin), Lola Mason (Saleslady), Roger Til (Casino manager), James Veres (Chauffeur Rudy), Louise Fitch (Wardrobe woman), Milt Oberman (Stage manager), Sari Price (Parson’s wife), Burr Smidt (Attendant), Michael Francis Blake, Bob Fraser, Hy Pyke, Howard Dayton.

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