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Agricola, Georgius

mining medicine smelting chemical

Lat ), Georg Bauer ( Ger ) [a gri kola] (1494–1555) German mineralogist, geologist and metallurgist: described mining and metallurgical industries of 16th-c.

Born in Saxony, Agricola trained in medicine in Leipzig and in Italy. The link between medicine and minerals led to his interest in the latter, and his work as a physician in Saxony put him in ideal places to develop this interest and to extend it to mining and metal extraction by smelting, and related chemical processes. His book De natura fossilium (1546, On the Nature of Fossils) classifies minerals in perhaps the first comprehensive system. Later he wrote on the origin of rocks, mountains and volcanoes. His best-known book, De re metallica (1556, On the Subject of Metals) is a fine illustrated survey of the mining, smelting and chemical technology of the time. An English edition (1912) was prepared by the American mining engineer H C Hoover (who became president of the USA, 1929–33) and his wife.

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