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Beavers, Louise (1902–1962)

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BEAVERS, LOUISE (1902–1962). Actress. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and spent her teenage years in California. She was a real-life maid for actress Leatrice Joy before playing the role of a domestic many times on the screen. A talented actress, her break out performance was as Delilah Johnson in Imitation of Life , 1934. She was once again a domestic, but this was a rare role in Hollywood, where a black female character’s background and social life was as prominent on the screen as the white costar’s was. Beavers has a long list of film credits that include She Done Him Wrong , 1933; Bullets or Ballots , 1938; and The Jackie Robinson Story , 1950. On television, she appeared on The Danny Thomas Show , and assumed the title role in the popular series Beulah , for the third and final season.

Filmography: Coquette , 1929; She Done Him Wrong , 1933; Imitation of Life , 1934; Bullets or Ballots , 1938; Reap the Wild Wind , 1942; Dixie Jamboree , 1944; Delightfully Dangerous , 1945; Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House , 1948; Tell It to the Judge , 1949; The Jackie Robinson Story , 1950; Goodbye, My Lady , 1956; Tammy and the Bachelor , 1957.

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