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Black Filmmakers Foundation (BFF)

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BLACK FILMMAKERS FOUNDATION (BFF). BFF is a product of the political and artistic consciousness that developed in the early 1970s. It was founded as an organization to redress the institutional disenfranchisement of black filmmakers and black audiences. It was originally structured as a distribution cooperative of two dozen New York City-based filmmakers that has grown into a national arts service organization with one of the largest collections of black independent films and videotapes available for rental or sale to educational and cultural institutions. A nonprofit component was established in 1978 to develop and administer programs that assist emerging and independent filmmakers. It has assisted in the emergence of the contemporary black film movement by curating the annual Acapulco Black Film Festival, hosting the annual BFF summit, and providing information and contacts to the film and television industries. Co-founder Warrington Hudlin ’s socially concerned, entertainment-driven website DvRepublic.com is also a project of the BFF.

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