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BLAXPLOITATION. The Blaxploitation Era was firmly launched in the early 1970s by the films Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song , 1971; Shaft , 1971; and Superfly , 1972. Coming out of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, the subject matter of these motion pictures caused an industry shift and ushered in a series of heroes and sheroes on the silver screen. Aptly named for exploiting the black image, most of these films were raw, tense, and often controversial in nature. Films that have the main character fighting against the system and "The Man" mainly define the genre itself. Many expressed the hardcore elements of innercity street life. Films like Black Caesar , 1972; Coffy , 1973; and The Mack , 1973, dealt with drugs, pimps and prostitutes, graft and corruption, taking on the system, and getting paid. Regardless of how heroic or offensive these films may have been perceived to be, the black audience could not get enough of these onscreen images. Financially waning from the technical advent of television, the huge profits from these films saved many Hollywood studios from going bankrupt. Several sensitive and more family-oriented films appeared as well. These included Sounder , 1972; Lady Sings the Blues , 1972; Claudine , 1974; and Sparkle , 1976, but by 1977 the era had been phased out.

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