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Campbell, Tisha (1968–)

house party school series

CAMPBELL, TISHA (1968–). Actress, singer. She was born in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma , and graduated from the Newark School for the Performing Arts in New Jersey . She entered show business early, appearing in children’s programs like Unicorn Tales, Big Blue Marble , and Wonderama throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. She appeared in the stage productions of Betsy Brown, Really Rosie , and Mama, I Want to Sing . Campbell landed the role of a back up singer in the off Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors , and appeared in the film version. She starred in the telefilm Rags to Riches , 1986, as well as the TV series. Guest appearances include The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, A Different World , and Roc . She has been a regular on Linc’s, Martin , and the ABC series My Life & Kids . Her film roles include School Daze , 1988; House Party , 1990; and Sprung , 1997.

Filmography: Little Shop of Horrors , 1986; Rags to Riches , 1987; School Daze , 1988; Rooftops , 1989; Another 48 Hrs. , 1989; House Party , 1990; House Party 2 , 1991; Boomerang , 1992; House Party 3 , 1994; Snitch , 1996; Sprung , 1997; The Sweetest Gift , 1998; Last Place On Earth , 2002.

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