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Carmen: A Hip Hopera. 2001

musical singer career

CARMEN: A HIP HOPERA . 2001. (PG-13) 88 min. Musical. This made for cable movie is an urban contemporary update based on the tragic opera Carmen by Georges Bizet, as well as a novelty adaptation of Carmen Jones , 1954, starring Dorothy Dandridge. In this modern version, Carmen is a wannabe singer, who seduces a New York police officer into throwing away his career and accom panying her to Los Angeles , where she plans to become a star. He makes the sacrifice, but the fickle singer quickly tires of his jealous devotion. When Carmen takes a fancy to an established rapper who could help her career, she ditches the lawman for her chance at fame and fortune, only to secure her chances of becoming a femme fatale. The project is full of musical artists of the hip-hop generation, and rappers turned actors. Cast: Beyoncé, Mekhi Pfifer, Mos Def, Rah Digga, Bow Wow, Wyclef Jean, Troy Winbush. Director: Robert Townsend. Writer: Michael Elliott. Cinematographer: Geary McLeod. Music: Kip Collins. Narrator: Da Brat..

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