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Carter, Terry (1928–)

run television film abby

CARTER, TERRY (1928–). Actor, producer. This native of Brooklyn , New York , graduated from Stuyvesant High School , class of 1946. He continued his education by attending Hunter College , Boston University , and UCLA, before earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Northeastern University , in 1983. While working for WBZ TV Eyewitness News in Boston , Massachusetts , Carter became the first African American TV anchor newscaster in 1965. His television career took off in 1955 when he was cast as Pvt. Sugarman on The Phil Silvers Show . Other early television appearances include Playhouse 90, Naked City , Dr. Kildare , and Mannix . Carter’s most memorable television role is perhaps as Col. Tigh on the long-running sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica . His film roles include Foxy Brown , 1974; Abby , 1974; and he starred in the film Brother on the Run , 1973.

Filmography: Parrish , 1961; Nerosubianco , 1969; Brother on the Run , 1973; Foxy Brown , 1974; Benji , 1974; Abby , 1974; Man on the Run , 1975; Hamilton , 1998; Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming , 1999.

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