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Carter, Thomas (1953–)

director television hack include

CARTER, THOMAS (1953–). Actor, producer, director. He began his career as a young actor in the 1970s television series, The White Shadow . Carter was always interested in what went on behind the camera and often shadowed the director while on the set. He was eventually given a chance to direct an episode and has since made his living as a director in both television and film, often producing his projects as well. Other television shows he has directed include Hill Street Blues, Fame, Remington Steele, Amazing Stories , and the pilot episode of the hit series Miami Vice . His roles in made for TV movies include Call to Glory , 1984; Heart of the City , 1986; Hack , 2002; and the miniseries A Year in the Life , 1986. He made the jump to directing feature films with Swing Kids , 1993, and followed with Save the Last Dance , 2001, and Coach Carter , 2005.

Filmography: Call to Glory , 1984; Heart of the City , 1986; Under the Influence , 1986; Equal Justice , 1990; Swing Kids , 1993; Divas , 1995; Metro , 1997; Bronx County , 1998; Save the Last Dance , 2001; Hack , 2002; Partners and Crime , 2003; Coach Carter , 2005; Company Town , 2006; Freedom House , 2006; Marcus Dixon , 2007.

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