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Cash, Rosalind (1938–1995)

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CASH, ROSALIND (1938–1995). Actress. Born in Atlantic City , New Jersey , she was known for refusing to play stereotypical roles. Cash attended City College of New York and worked with the Negro Ensemble Company, the YMCA Little Theater, and at one time, she sang with the Clark Terry band. She appeared on stage in numerous productions, including Dark of the Moon, No Strings, Ceremonies in Dark Old Men , and Boesman and Lena . She was nominated for an Emmy award for her work in the PBS production of Go Tell It On the Mountain , 1985, and guest starred on the television series Good Times, Starsky and Hutch, Righteous Apples , and The Cosby Show . Her film roles include Cornbread, Earl & Me , 1975; Melinda , 1971; and The Omega Man , 1971. She continued to work consistently on television in such shows as Barney Miller, Kojak, Cagney & Lacey, Police Story , and Hill Street Blues .

Filmography: Omega Man , 1971; Amazing Grace , 1974; Cornbread, Earl & Me , 1975; Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde , 1976; Monkey Hustle , 1977; Sophisticated Gents , 1981; Keeping on , 1981; Wrong Is Right , 1982; Go Tell It on the Mountain , 1984; The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai , 1984; The Offspring , 1987; The Mighty Pawns , 1987; Tales from the Hood , 1995.

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