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Clarke, Stanley (1951–)

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CLARKE, STANLEY (1951–). Musician, film composer. This native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an expert player on both acoustic and electric basses. His unique style brought the bass guitar out of the background and into the forefront, making it a lead instrument. In the 1970s, he played with Chick Corea’s band, Return to Forever. He had a successful solo career and also performed with his group, The Stanley Clarke Trio. His rock anthem “School Days” has become a classic. In the 1980s, he began to compose and orchestrate musical scores for film and television productions.

Filmography: The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson , 1990; Book of Love , 1990; The Five Heartbeats , 1991; Boyz N the Hood , 1991; Passenger 57 , 1992; Boy Meets Girl , 1993; What’s Love Got to Do with It? , 1993; Poetic Justice , 1993; Higher Learning , 1995; Panther , 1995; Eddie , 1996; B*A*P*S , 1997; Sprung , 1997; Down in the Delta , 1998; Funny Valentine , 1999; The Best Man , 1999; Romeo Must Die , 2000; Undercover Brother , 2002; The Transporter , 2002; Into the Sun , 2005; The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down , 2006.

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