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Cole, Nat King (1919–1965)

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COLE, NAT KING (1919–1965). Singer, actor. He was born Nathaniel Adams Coles in Montgomery, Alabama. He is hailed as one of the best all-around entertainers of the century, and his smooth, velvet voice, and classic style of playing piano has him on a short list of best baritone singers of all time. He has recorded countless award-winning singles and record albums and his music has graced innumerable film and television production soundtracks over the years. His more popular tunes include Unforgettable, The Christmas Song, For Sentimental Reasons , and Nature Boy . He performed extensively with his band, The Nat King Cole Trio, and they performed in several films, including Pistol Packin’ Mama , 1943, Stars on Parade , 1944, and See My Lawyer , 1945. He also portrayed the role of W. C. Handy, the father of jazz music in the biographical film St. Louis Blues , 1958. His final film role was as Shouter, a roaming minstrel in Cat Ballou , 1965. Cole became the first African American to host his own television variety series, The Nat King Cole Show , 1957, but it was cancelled due to racist threats and protests from the network’s Southern sponsors. He is the father of singer Natalie Cole.

Filmography: Citizen Cane , 1941; Pistol Packin’ Mama , 1943; Pin Up Girl , 1944; Stars on Parade , 1944; See My Lawyer , 1945; Istanbul , 1957; China Gate , 1957; St. Louis Blues , 1958; Night of the Quarter Moon , 1959; Cat Ballou , 1965.

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