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Coleman, Gary (1968–)

kid broken christmas governor

COLEMAN, GARY (1968–). Actor. He was born in Zion , Illinois , and later adopted. He was discovered by a talent scout for TV producer Norman Lear and signed for a part in a never-produced television revival of The Little Rascals . He became a child star when he was cast as Arnold Jackson in the hit sitcom Different Strokes . He starred in several telepics, including The Kid with the Broken Halo , 1982; and The Kid with the 200 I. Q. , 1983. At the height of his career, Coleman sued his adoptive parents/managers over misappropriation of his trust fund. In 2003, Coleman unsuccessfully ran for governor of California in the recall election of Governor Gray Davis.

Filmography: The Kid from Left Field , 1979; Scout’s Honor , 1980; On the Right Track , 1981; The Kid with the Broken Halo , 1982; Jimmy the Kid , 1982; The Kid with the 200 I. Q. , 1983; The Fantastic World of D. C. Collins , 1984; Playing with Fire , 1985; Party , 1994; Fox Hunt , 1996; Dirty Work , 1998; Shafted , 2000; The Flunky , 2000; A Carol Christmas , 2003; A Christmas Too Many , 2005.

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