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Ancot, family of South Netherlands musicians:

(1) Jean Ancot , père, pedagogue and composer; b. Bruges, Oct. 22, 1779; d. there, July 12, 1848. After studying in Paris (1799–1804) with Baillot, Kreutzer (violin), and Catel (harmony), he returned to Bruges as a teacher of violin and piano. Among his extant works are 4 violin concertos, overtures, marches, and sacred music. His 2 sons were also musicians:

(2) Jean Ancot , fils, violinist, pianist, and composer; b. Bruges, July 6, 1799; d. Boulogne, June 5, 1829. He studied with his father, and then with Pradher and Henri Berton at the Paris Cons. He was an accomplished pianist, winning success in London (1823–25). Among his large output are piano concertos, violin concertos, and much chamber music.

(3) Louis Ancot , fils, pianist, teacher, and composer; b. Bruges, June 3, 1803; d. there, Sept. 1836. He studied with his father. After serving as pianist to the Duke of Sussex in London, he toured widely in Europe. He wrote piano pieces in a salon style.

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