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Devil in a Blue Dress. 1995

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DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS . 1995.® 102 min. Drama. This film is based on the Walter Mosley novel about an out-of-work factory worker turned private eye named Easy Rawlins. In 1948 Los Angeles, Rawlins has lots of time, a new house, and bills to pay. He is hired to find a woman who has ties to a white political candidate and a set of mysterious photos that could crush his opponent. He finds that in this line of work, people lie and people die, and he soon finds that he is a suspect wanted by the police. Rawlins must find the girl and the photos to clear his name and stay alive in the process. Cast: Denzel Washington, Jennifer Beals, Don Cheadle, Tom Sizemore, Maury Chayukin, Terry Kinney, Mel Winkler, Albert Hall, Renee Humphrey, Lisa Nicole Carson, John Roselius, Beau Starr. Writer/Director: Carl Franklin. Cinematographer: Tak Fujimoto. Music: Elmer Bernstein. Awards: LA Film Critics 1995: Best Supporting Actor (Cheadle). National Society of Film Critics 1995: Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor (Cheadle).

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