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Davis, Sammy, Jr. (1925–1990)

film oceans run hoods

DAVIS, SAMMY, JR. (1925–1990). Singer, dancer, actor. Known as the World’s Greatest Entertainer, Davis was born in New York City and was performing with his father and uncle on the vaudeville stage by age four as part of the Will Mastin Trio. He appeared in the film Rufus Jones for President , 1931, with Ethel Waters. Davis served two years in the U.S. Army, in which he produced camp shows until his discharge. As a vocalist, Davis ‘s hits include "Hey There," "Mr. Wonderful," and "Too Close for Comfort."His first Broadway show, Mr Wonderful , was a big hit in 1956, and he followed that stage success with Golden Boy . On film, he played the character Sportin’ Life in Porgy and Bess , 1959. His other films include Oceans 11 , 1960, and Robin and the Seven Hoods , 1964. His career spanned television, film, and nightclubs.

Filmography: Oceans 11 , 1960; Robin and the Seven Hoods , 1964; A Man Called Adam , 1966; Sweet Charity , 1969; The Trackers , 1971; Gone with the West , 1972; Cannonball Run , 1981; Cracking Up , 1983; Cannonball Run 2 , 1984; Moon over Parador , 1988; Tap , 1989; The Kid Who Loved Christmas , 1990.

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