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Dash, Julie (1952–)

film studies production degree

DASH, JULIE (1952–). Writer, director. A native of New York, Dash became the first African American woman to receive a general theatrical release for her feature-length film Daughters of the Dust , 1991. Dash began her film studies in 1969 at the Studio Museum of Harlem. She studied psychology at the City College of New York before entering the film studies program at the Leonard Davis Center for Performing Arts, in the David Picker Film Institute. After earning her BA degree in Film Production, she headed west to Los Angeles to attend the Center for Advanced Film Studies at the American Film Institute. From there, she enrolled in the graduate film program at the University of California, Los Angeles, and earned her MFA degree in Film and Television Production. While a student at UCLA, Dash made her critically acclaimed film Illusions , 1983, which received the 1989 Jury Prize for Best Film of the Decade from the Black Filmmakers Foundation. She has directed the MTV original movie Love Song , and the romantic thriller Incognito , for Black Entertainment Television ‘s Arabesque Films. Her made-for-TV film Funny Valentines , was the first BET/ENCORE/StarZ3 original movie. Her other cable credits include writing and directing episodes of Women for Showtime, and a segment of HBO’s Subway Stories . Dash has directed music videos for the singing group Tony, Toni, Tone’s “Thinking of You,” and Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason,” which was nominated for MTV’s best video of a female vocalist in 1996.

Filmography: Four Women , 1975; Diary of an African Nun , 1977; Illusions , 1982; Daughters of the Dust , 1991; Praise House , 1991; SUBWAY Stories: Tales from the Underground , 1997; Funny Valentines , 1999; Incognito , 1999; Love Song , 2000; The Rosa Parks Story , 2002; Brothers of the Borderland , 2004; Making Angels , 2007.

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