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Dandridge, Dorothy (1922–1965)

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DANDRIDGE, DOROTHY (1922–1965). Actress. The daughter of actress Ruby Dandridge, Dorothy grew up in Cleveland , Ohio , and began entertaining at an early age. She performed with her sister, Vivian, as The Wonder Kids. With the addition of Etta Jones, the group became a trio, and they performed as The Dandridge Sisters and appeared in the movies It Can’t Last Forever , 1937, and Irene , 1940. In the 1940s, Dandridge went solo and worked in numerous musical shorts, including Easy Street, Jungle Jig, Cow Cow Boogie , and Paper Doll . She had a brief marriage to dancer Harold Nicholas, from 1944–1951. After her divorce, Dandridge began a successful career as a nightclub singer. She moved into acting in the 1950s, starring in Bright Road , 1953, with Harry Belafonte, and she later became the first African American actress to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, for her performance in the title role as Carmen Jones , 1954. Despite her immense talent and beauty, racism hampered her career opportunities and she would only appear in seven other films, including Island In the Sun , 1957, and Porgy and Bess , 1959. She married Jack Denison in 1959, and they divorced three years later. She wrote her autobiography, Everything and Nothing: The Dorothy Dandridge Tragedy , with Earl Conrad. Donald Bogle wrote the book Dorothy Dandridge: A Biography . HBO produced a biopic on her life, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge , 1999, starring Halle Berry . Dandridge was the first African American woman to appear on the cover of Life magazine.

Filmography: Teacher’s Beau , 1935; The Big Broadcast of 1936 , 1936; A Day at the Races , 1937; It Can’t Last Forever , 1937; Irene , 1940; Four Shall Die , 1940; Lady From Louisiana , 1941; Sundown , 1941; Sun Valley Serenade , 1941; Drums of the Congo , 1942; Lucky Jordan , 1942; Since You Went Away , 1944; Atlantic City , 1944; Pillow to Post , 1945; Ebony Parade , 1947; Tarzan’s Peril , 1951; Harlem Globetrotters , 1951; Bright Road , 1953; Carmen Jones , 1954; Island In the Sun , 1957; Tamango , 1957, The Happy Road , 1957; The Decks Ran Red , 1958; Porgy and Bess , 1959; Moment of Danger , 1960; The Murder Men , 1961.

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