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Fetchit, Stepin (1902–1985)

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FETCHIT, STEPIN (1902–1985). Actor. Born in Key West , Florida , Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry became a controversial character archetype in early sound films. At one time, he was among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood for playing a slow minded, lazy, slurred talking character who was all the time serving and cowtowing to whites. He began his show business career in the Royal American Shows plantation reviews, performing with his partner, Ed Lee, under the names "Step ‘n’ Fetchit: Two Dancing Fools from Dixie." Fetchit appeared in many films, including Old Kentucky, 1927; Hearts in Dixie, 1929; Swing High , 1930; and One More Spring, 1936. His role in Hearts in Dixie was actually expanded once production began and producers realized his comedic potential. Known on the street as "The High Steppin’ Fetchit," he spent the money he made on an extravagant lifestyle, and filed for bankruptcy in the 1930s. Later film appearances include Miracle in Harlem , 1949; Amazing Grace , 1974; and Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood , 1976.

Filmography: Old Kentucky , 1927; Hearts in Dixie , 1929; Swing High , 1930; Wild Horse , 1931; Stand Up and Cheer , 1934; Judge Priest , 1934; One More Spring , 1936; On the Avenue , 1937; Miracle in Harlem , 1938; Miracle in Harlem , 1949; The Sun Shines Bright , 1953; Amazing Grace , 1974; Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood , 1976.

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