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Foxx, Jamie (1967–)

ray music club piano

FOXX, JAMIE (1967–). Actor, singer, musician. Born Eric Morlon Bishop in Terrell, Texas, Foxx began playing piano at age three, played football in high school, and attended United States International University in San Diego on a music scholarship. He also studied classical piano at Juilliard and released a 1994 music album, Peep This . He liked to tell jokes and accepted a friend’s challenge to perform during an open-mic night at a comedy club, and his career began. He was cast in the television sitcom Roc, 1991, and In Living Color , 1990. He later starred in his own sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show , on the Warner Bros.’ Network. His music training came in handy when he landed the title role in Ray , 2004, a film based on the life and times of blind soul singer Ray Charles.

Filmography: Toys , 1992; The Truth about Cats and Dogs , 1996; The Great White Hype , 1996; Booty Call , 1997; The Players Club , 1998; Held Up , 1999; Any Given Sunday , 1999; Bait , 2000; Date from Hell , 2001; Ali , 2001; Shade , 2003; Breakin’ All the Rules , 2004; Collateral , 2004; Ray , 2004; Stealth , 2005; Jarhead , 2005; Miami Vice , 2006.

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