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Anderson, Ed(ward) (“Andy”), jazz trumpeter; b. Jacksonville, Fla., July 1, 1910. Anderson is best known for his work on Clarence Williams’s recordings. He began playing trumpet at age ten, taking his first lessons with the bandmaster at Fla. State Coll. At 15 he went to St. Emma Coll. in Belmead, Va., and was principal trumpet in the college band. He played with Luckey Roberts at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach, Fla., and traveled to N.Y. with him in the spring of 1926. Roberts introduced Anderson to Clarence Williams, who began using him on recordings. During the period 1927-28, Anderson worked with drummer George Howe and Luis Russell at the Nest Club, and with Jelly Roll Morton at the Rose Danceland. In 1929 Anderson subbed for Louis Armstrong at Connie’s Inn while Armstrong was in the revue “Hot Chocolates” He played with Benny Carter (at the Arcadia Ballroom), Charlie Johnson, and Bingie Madison, then joined The Mills Blue Rhythm Band from 1930 until the summer of 1934. Anderson later played in Charlie Turner’s Arcadians, then joined Hazel Scott’s big band early in 1939. After a stint with Frankie Newton’s band at the Mime Club, N.Y., in the autumn of 1941, Anderson left fulltime music. Eventually he gave up the trumpet, but maintained residency in N.Y.

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