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Gerima, Haile (1946–)

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GERIMA, HAILE (1946–). Writer, producer, director, professor. A native of Gondar , Ethiopia , Gerima came to the United States to study acting and directing at The Goodman Theater in Chicago , Illinois . He transferred to the Theater Arts Department at UCLA, and earned his Master’s Degree in Film. Upon graduation, he became a professor at Howard University ’s newly established School of Communications , Department of Radio, Television, and Film. Gerima perhaps became best known for his independently produced film Sankofa , 1993. When he could not come to terms with a major distributor to release his film on the cruelty of slavery and the hope of rebellion, Gerima "four-walled" the film to over 35 cities, grossing over $3 million. He has established his own production company, Myphedu Films, and opened Sankofa Books and Tapes, a bookstore and video rental house in Washington, D. C. He has completed principal photography on his newest film, Teza , scheduled for release in 2006.

Filmography: Hour Glass , 1971; Child of Resistance , 1972; Harvest: 3,000 Years , 1975; Bush Mama , 1979; Wilmington 10-U.S.A. 10,000 , 1979; After Winter: Sterling Brown , 1985; Sankofa , 1993; Adwa , 1999; Teza , 2006.

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