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Gist, James and Eloyce (1892–1974)

film train hellbound verdict

GIST, JAMES and ELOYCE (1892–1974). Filmmakers, evangelists. This husband and wife evangelistic team was responsible for the religion based films Hellbound Train , 1929, and Verdict Not Guilty, 1933. James had already completed his silent film Hellbound Train when they married, and Eloyce is credited with helping to rewrite the title cards and reediting his production into a stronger presentation. The film is a string of morality plays pointing out what lies in store for the un-righteous and the un-godly. They would screen their film at churches and for civic organizations. A graduate of Howard University ‘s School of Music , Eloyce would play the piano and lead the audience in a hymn before the screening, and after, James would preach a sermonette. They would then take up an offering and split it with the church or organization. The Gists’ film footage was donated to the Library of Congress in disjointed fragments and is now being restructured and reedited.

Filmography: Hellbound Train , 1929; Verdict Not Guilty , 1933.

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