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Gooding Jr., Cuba (1968–)

lead jerry angeles role

GOODING JR. , CUBA (1968–). Actor. Gooding was born in Bronx , New York , but moved with his family to Los Angeles in the 1970s when his father’s career in entertainment took off. Cuba Gooding, his father, was lead singer for the popular singing group The Main Ingredient. Gooding liked to dance and his first professional performance was as a break-dancer for Lionel Ritchie’s performance at the 1986 Olympics in Los Angeles . His acting potential was noticed when he appeared in a high school production of Li’l Abner when a friend’s parent, who was a talent agent, offered to represent him. He worked in commercials and landed a spot on the TV series Hill Street Blues . His first feature role was in Coming to America , 1988, but a star was born when he received the lead role in John Singleton ‘s Boyz N the Hood , 1991. Gooding worked consistently from then on, landing the crucial part of a pro football player in director Cameron Crowe’s mega-hit Jerry Maquire , 1996, which earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Filmography: Coming to America , 1988; Boyz N the Hood , 1991; Murder without Motive , 1992; Hitz , 1992; Gladiator , 1992; A Few Good Men , 1992; Judgment Night , 1993; Daybreak , 1993; Outbreak , 1994; Losing Isaiah , 1994; Lightning Jack , 1994; The Tuskegee Airmen , 1995; Jerry Maguire , 1996; As Good as It Gets , 1997; What Dreams May Come , 1998; Instinct , 1999; Men of Honor , 2000; Rat Race , 2001; Pearl Harbor , 2001; In the Shadows , 2001; Snow Dogs , 2002; The Fighting Temptations , 2003; Boat Trip , 2003.

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