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Greaves, William (1926–)

york dance black actor

GREAVES, WILLIAM (1926–). Documentary filmmaker, director, editor, actor. The New York-born Greaves began his long career as an actor in films like Miracle in Harlem , 1948, Lost Bounderies , 1949, and The Fight Never Ends , 1949. He later enrolled at City College of New York and studied at the Actor’s Studio with Lee Strasberg and Elia Kazan. He was also a dancer at one time with the Sierra Leonian Asadata Dafora Dance Company. He later joined the Pearl Primus Dance Troupe and was a member of the American Negro Theater. Greaves moved to Canada in the 1950s and recorded sound on many film productions, and became director of the Canadian National Film Board, 1952–1960. He returned to the United States and began to produce television and documentaries. He was executive producer on Black Journal in 1968, a program that became Tony Brown’s Journal . His work has received numerous national and international awards.

Filmography: Putting It Straight , 1957; Smoke and Weather , 1958; Emergency Ward , 1959; Four Religions , 1960; Symbiopsy chotaxiplasm: Take One , 1968; Ali, the Fighter , 1971; The Voice of La Raza , 1972; From These Roots , 1974; That’s Black Entertainment , 1990; The Deep North , 1990; Ralph Bunch: An American Odyssey , 2001; Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take 2 1/2 , 2005.

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