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Hampton, Henry (1940–1998)

award eyes documentary prize

HAMPTON, HENRY (1940–1998). Documentary filmmaker. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Hampton founded Blackside Inc. to produce documentary and industrial films focusing on projects that would inform, educate, and address social change. The company has produced Malcolm X: Make It Plain , 1995, for The American Experience. Other productions include America’s War on Poverty, Code Blue, The Great Depression , and the award-winning, 14-hour documentary series covering the civil rights movement, Eyes on the Prize . Hampton has received six Emmy Awards, an Academy Award nomination, and a Dupont/Columbia Award for excellence in journalism. His final project was, I’ll Make Me a World , a six-hour PBS series on African American artists.

Filmography: Eyes on the Prize , 1987; Eyes on the Prize II , 1990; The Great Depression , 1993; The Land of Four Winds , 1995; America’s War on Poverty , 1995; Malcolm X: Make It Plain , 1995; Breakthrough: The Changing Face of Science in America , 1996; I’ll Make Me a World , 1999.

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