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Hawley, Monte (1901–1950)

gang ghost goes smashers

HAWLEY, MONTE (1901–1950). Actor. This native of Chicago, Illinois, was a top actor of the 1930s and 1940s. He began acting as a teen and became a member of the famous Lafayette Players. He was in the stage productions of Shuffle Along and Runnin’ Wild , and traveled with several road shows. He broke into silent films and became known as “one shot Monte” for his ability to never need to do a retake. He worked the vaudeville stage with Eddie Anderson and Mantan Moreland, and often worked for Million Dollar Productions, the company organized by Ralph Cooper and Harry Popkin, to make a series of gangster films, such as Gang War , 1940, and Am I Guilty? , 1940. His other notable film roles include The Duke is Tops , 1938, with Lena Horne, and Gang Smashers , 1938, with Nina Mae McKinney.

Filmography: Ghost of Tolston’s Manor , 1923; Life Goes On , 1938; The Duke is Tops , 1938; Gang Smashers , 1938; Reform School , 1939; One Dark Night , 1939; Double Deal , 1939; What a Guy , 1939; Prison Bait , 1939; Gang War , 1940; While Thousands Cheer , 1940; Am I Guilty? 1940; Four Shall Die , 1940; Mystery in Swing , 1940; Mr. Smith Goes Ghost , 1940; Mr. Washington Goes to Town , 1941; Lucky Ghost , 1941; Take My Life , 1942; Tall, Tan, and Terrific , 1946; Mantan Messes Up , 1946; Look Out Sister , 1947; Miracle in Harlem , 1948.

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