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Hendry, Gloria (1949–)

black love role bond

HENDRY, GLORIA (1949–). Actress. She was born in Winter Haven , Florida , and grew up in Newark , New Jersey . She became a model and landed her first acting role in the film For Love of Ivy , 1968, while working as a Playboy Bunny. And striking screen presence, this bronze bombshell quickly became a visual mainstay in a string of what became known as Blaxploitation Films produced in the early 1970s. Her exposure in action-packed dramas, such as Across 110th Street , 1972; Black Ceasar , 1973; and Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off , 1973, led to her being cast as the first black "Bond Girl." She played the role of Rosie Carver, Sean Connery’s love interest/nemesis in the James Bond 007-spy drama Live and Let Die , 1973. Hendry also portrayed karate man Jim Kelly ’s high-kicking co-star in Black Belt Jones , 1973.

Filmography: For Love of Ivy , 1968; The Landlord , 1970; Across 110th Street , 1972; Black Caesar , 1973; Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off , 1973; Live and Let Die , 1973; Hell Up in Harlem , 1973; Black Belt Jones , 1974; Savage Sisters , 1974; Doin’ Time on Planet Earth , 1988; Seeds of Tragedy , 1991; Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings , 1994; South Bureau Homicide , 1996; Lookin’ Italian , 1998; Seven Swans , 2005; Black Kissinger , 2006.

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