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Hudlin, Reginald (1961–)

party produced entertainment television

HUDLIN, REGINALD (1961–). Director, producer, screenwriter. This East St. Louis, Illinois, native was at the forefront of the black independent cinema movement of the 1980s and 1990s. A graduate of Harvard University, his award-winning thesis film House Party , 1983, was successfully expanded into a feature film in 1990, produced by brother Warrington Hudlin. Now on Hollywood’s A List, The Hudlin Brothers followed up with the romantic comedy Boomerang , 1992, featuring Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry, and then transferred the late comedian Robin Harris’ comic skit about Bebe’s Kids , 1992, into the first African American feature-length cartoon. On television, the brothers produced and each directed a segment of the HBO sci-fi anthology Cosmic Slop , 1994. Reggie also provided the voice of Rodney Roach in the offbeat comedy Joe’s Apartment , 1996. In 2005, he was named President of Entertainment for the Black Entertainment Television Network.

Filmography: House Party , 1990; Boomerang , 1992; Cosmic Slop , 1994; The Great White Hype , 1996; The Ladies Man , 2000; Serving Sara , 2002.

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