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Ice Cube. (1969–)

friday barbershop club starred

ICE CUBE. (1969–). Rapper, actor, writer, producer. Born O’Shea Jackson in Los Angeles, California, this controversial hardcore rapper was one of the best-known hip hop artists in the recording industry before he moved into a film career. Along with rappers Eazy-E and Dr. Dre, they formed the rap group N.W.A. (Niggas with Attitude), to produce the groundbreaking album Straight Out of Compton . He went solo in 1989 and garnered two double-platinum albums. His portrayal of Doboy, a troubled innercity youth in director John Singleton ‘s Boyz N the Hood , 1991, impressed fans and critics, and led to many more subsequent roles. He wrote, produced, and starred in the cult hit Friday , 1995, which garnered two successful sequels. He made his director’s debut with The Player’s Club , 1998, and starred in and executive produced the controversial comedy Barbershop , 2002, which received criticism for lambasting several popular civil rights leaders.

Filmography: Boyz N the Hood , 1991; Trespass , 1992; Higher Learning , 1994; The Glass Shield , 1995; Friday , 1995; Dangerous Ground , 1996; Anaconda , 1996; The Players Club , 1998; I Got the Hook-Up , 1998; Three Kings , 1999; Next Friday , 2000; Ghosts of Mars , 2001; Friday after Next , 2002; Barbershop , 2002; All about the Benjamins , 2002; Barbershop 2 , 2004; Are We There Yet? , 2005.

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