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Ice T (1969–)

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ICE T (1969–). Rapper, actor. He was born Tracy Morrow in Newark, New Jersey, and raised in the troubled streets of South Central Los Angeles. He showed a talent for music at an early age and pursued his career with a vengeance. He has had his share of controversy and criticism with his hard-core, streetwise lyrics and used the exposure to further his career in music, television, and film. In music, his major label debut Rhyme Pays , and the follow-up Power , both went gold, and his 1990 hit single “New Jack Hustler,” was nominated for a Grammy Award. In 1992, his song “Cop Killer” incited angry protests from conservatives and numerous police groups, prompting Ice T to schedule a college lecture tour to discuss the state of first amendment rights and civil liberties in America. His 1989 book, The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech Just Watch What You Say , was a literary protest against music censorship. While making headlines with the politics of his music, Hollywood responded by offering him roles in the urban-based films New Jack City , 1991; Ricochet , 1991; and Trespass , 1992. After playing several guest spots on the NBC urban cop series New York Undercover , Ice T was cast as a regular on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU .

Filmography: Ricochet , 1991; New Jack City , 1991; Trespass , 1992; Who’s the Man? 1993; Tank Girl , 1994; Surviving the Game , 1994; Johnny Mnemonic , 1995; Man Guns , 1997; The Deli , 1997; Body Count , 1997; Crazy Six , 1998; Urban Menace , 1999; Stealth Fighter , 1999; Judgment Day , 1999; Leprechaun 5: In the Hood , 1999; Corrupt , 1999; Agent of Death , 1999; The Guardian , 2000.

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