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Jackson, Michael (1958–)

film visual album wiz

JACKSON, MICHAEL (1958–). Singer, songwriter, actor. Jackson became a child star with his four brothers as the lead singer of The Jackson 5. After signing with Motown Records in 1969, the group put out 13 top-20 hits in just six years. As a solo artist, Jackson teamed with producer Quincy Jones to release his Off the Wall , album in 1979, followed by Thriller in 1981, which became the best selling album of all time. Other albums include Bad, Victory, Dangerous , and HIStory . Jackson is known for his innovative dance moves and made film history with music videos that set the standard. The visual representations of his songs “I’m Bad,” “Billy Jean,” “Scream,” and especially "Thriller,’ complete with make-up and visual effects by Rick Baker, have been praised, awarded, and emulated. He produced and stared in the short film Captain EO , which experimented with the latest in visual effects. Jackson also portrayed the scarecrow in the big budget musical film The Wiz , 1978.

Filmography: The Wiz , 1978; Captain EO , 1998; Men in Black 2 , 2002.

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