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Johnson vs. Jeffries Fight Film. 1910

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JOHNSON vs. JEFFRIES FIGHT FILM . 1910. On 4 July, 1910, in 100 degree heat at an outdoor boxing ring near Reno, Nevada, film cameras recorded what was supposed to be the fight of the century. Former heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries was reluctantly brought out of retirement to fight Jack Johnson, a black man. The film begins with the master of ceremonies inviting a few former champs into the ring for perfunctory applause and accolades from the thousands of fight fans in attendance. Then, the referee motions for the opening bell. The fight lasts for 14 grueling rounds, and when it is over, the fallen Great White Hope is on the mat receiving the ten-count. The referee raises Johnson’s fists high into the air and, for the first time in history, there was a black heavyweight champion of the world. At least 10 people lost their lives because of Johnson’s victory and hundreds more were injured due to white retaliation and wild celebrations in the streets. Public screenings received instantaneous protests and hundreds of cities barred the film from being shown. The United States Congress passed a law making it a federal offense to transport moving pictures of prizefights across a state line, and the most powerful portrayal of a black man ever recorded on film was made virtually invisible. Many years later, a Page 186  Broadway play and a film version of Jack Johnson’s life made it to the stage and the big screen as The Great White Hope , 1970.

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Your facts are way off base, where the devil did you get your information from?