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Lawrence, Martin (1965–)

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LAWRENCE, MARTIN (1965–). Comedian, actor. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, and raised in Maryland, Lawrence had a knack for comedy and developed his early routines while attending Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Landover, Maryland. A performance on the television talent show Star Search led to a role in What’s Happening Now! After a supporting role in director Spike Lee ‘s Do the Right Thing , 1989, he gained national exposure as the emcee of HBO’s Def Comedy Jam . A few big-screen roles followed and, in 1992, he landed his own Fox television sitcom, Martin , which ran for five seasons. His vulgarity-laced comedy concert film You So Crazy , 1994, was a huge success, and became one of the highest grossing concert films ever. Lawrence made his film directorial debut with A Thin Line Between Love and Hate , 1996, in which he also starred. He has continued on the big screen in several blockbuster hits, including Bad Boys and Bad Boys II , 1995 and 2003, and Big Mamma’s House , 2000. In his second concert film, Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat , 2003, Lawrence revealed a humorous side to his many past problems with drugs, the law, and his personal life.

Filmography: House Party , 1990; Talkin’ Dirty After Dark , 1991; House Party II , 1991; Boomerang , 1992; You So Crazy , 1994; Bad Boys , 1995; A Thin Line Between Love and Hate , 1996; Nothing to Lose , 1996; Life , 1999; Blue Streak , 1999; Big Momma’s House , 2000; What’s the Worst That Could Happen , 2001; Black Knight , 2001; National Security , 2003; Bad Boys II , 2003.

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