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Lee, Sheldon "Spike" (1957–)

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LEE, SHELDONSPIKE (1957–). Filmmaker, actor. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Lee’s family moved to Chicago before relocating to New York. He returned to Atlanta to attend Morehouse College and went back to New York for graduate school at New York University’s Institute of Film and Television. Lee became a household name in the area of independent film production and ushered in a new wave of black theme productions. His New York University student film Joe’s Bed-Sty Barbershop: We Cut Heads won the 1982 Student Academy award. His 1986 hit film She’s Gotta Have It , 1986, won the LA Film Critics New Generation award and the Prix de Jeunesse at the Cannes Film Festival. Lee would then roll out a film a year for the next 12 years, including School Daze , 1988; Do the Right Thing , 1989; Mo Better Blues , 1990; Jungle Fever , 1991; Malcolm X , 1992; Clockers , 1994; Girl 6 , 1996; Get on the Bus , 1996; and The 25th Hour , 2003. Well-known for taking on controversial subjects in his films to help garner press and word of mouth publicity, Lee has positioned himself as a top director in the field. He not only insists on maintaining control over his projects, but he also fights to make sure there is a fair representation of African Americans and minorities in front of and behind the camera. His production company is aptly named Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks, referencing a crucial broken promise the United States government made to the freed African descendents after the Civil War.

Filmography: She’s Gotta Have It , 1986; School Daze , 1988; Do the Right Thing , 1989; Mo’ Better Blues , 1990; Jungle Fever , 1991; Malcolm X , 1992; Drop Squad , 1994; Clockers , 1994; Crooklyn , 1994; Girl 6 , 1996; Get on the Bus , 1996; Summer of Sam , 1999; Bamboozled , 2000; The 25th Hour , 2003; She Hate Me , 2004; Inside Man , 2006.

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