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Markham, Dewey "Pigmeat" (1904–1981)

comedy ghost stage street

MARKHAM, DEWEYPIGMEAT (1904–1981). Vaudeville performer, actor. He was born in Durham, North Carolina, and left home in his teens after joining a carnival that passed through town. Markham later performed on the vaudeville stage, often in blackface, and he received his nickname from a comedy sketch in which he proclaims himself “Sweet Poppa Pigmeat.” He also performed as part of the comedy team, Judge Pigmeat Markham and Shorty. In film, he worked with producer Ted Toddy in House Rent Party , 1946, and Fight That Ghost , 1946. His television appearances include Toast of the Town , 1953–1962; ABC Stage 67 , 1967; and he is possibly best remembered as “The Judge” on the hit comedy series Rowen & Martin’s Laugh-In , 1968. The residential street his family lived on in Durham was renamed Markham Street in his honor.

Filmography: Swanee Showboat , 1940; One Big Mistake , 1940; Mr. Smith Goes Ghost , 1940; Am I Guilty , 1940; That’s My Baby , 1944; House-Rent Party , 1946; Fight That Ghost , 1946; Junction 88 , 1947.

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