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Mokae, Zakes (1935–)

white dry cry theater

MOKAE, ZAKES (1935–). Actor. He was born in Johannesburg , South Africa , and attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. He is one of a few actors to bridge the South African racial divide by working with white writer Athol Fugard. In the 1950s, they organized the radical theater group The Rehearsal Room, and produced work that exposed the injustices going on in the country. Their productions of The Blood Knot, Boesman and Lena , A Lesson from Aloes , and Master Harold and the Boys , have been performed universally and are still being produced today. After being stifled by the oppressive racial policies of apartheid, he went to London , England , in 1961, and moved to the United States in 1969. He co-founded the Black Actors Theater in San Francisco with actor Danny Glover in 1980, and later won a Tony Award for a 1982 production of Master Harold and the Boys . His films include Cry Freedom , 1987; The Serpent and the Rainbow , 1988; and A Dry White Season , 1989. On television, he has guest starred on Starsky and Hutch, Knight Rider, A Different World, Law & Order, The X Files, The West Wing , and Monk . He is currently directing for the stage.

Filmography: Dilemma , 1962; Darling , 1965; The Comedians , 1967; The River Niger , 1976; The Island , 1980; Cry Freedom , 1987; The Serpent and the Rainbow , 1988; A Dry White Season , 1989; Gross Anatomy , 1989; Dad , 1989; A Rage in Harlem , 1991; Body Parts , 1991; Dust Devil , 1992; Slaughter of the Innocents , 1994; Vampire in Brooklyn , 1995; Outbreak , 1995; Waterworld , 1995; Krippendorf’s Tribe , 1998.

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