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Moreland, Mantan (1902–1973)

harlem stage style comedy

MORELAND, MANTAN (1902–1973). Actor, comedian. Moreland was born in Monroe, Louisiana, and worked the vaudeville stage with Tim Moore and Flournoy Miller. He also worked on the Broadway stage in comedy and musical reviews, such as Blackbirds of 1928, Singin’ the Blues, Yeah Man , and Shuffle Along . He made his film debut in That’s the Spirit, 1933, and appeared as singing cowboy Herb Jeffries’ sidekick in Harlem on the Prairie, 1937, and Two-Gun Man from Harlem , 1938. Known for spastic body movements and his bug-eyed style of comedy, Moreland became highly recognized during the 1940s as Birmingham Brown, the chauffeur in the Charlie Chan series of detective films. Television guest appearances include Adam 12, Love, American Style , and the Bill Cosby Show. On stage, he played the character of Estragon in the 1957 production of Waiting for Godot .

Filmography: The Spirit of Youth , 1937; Harlem on the Prairie , 1938; Two Gun Man from Harlem , 1938; Next Time I Marry , 1938; Frontier Scout , 1938; Mr. Washington Goes to Town , 1940; Up in the Air, 1940; The Gang’s All Here, 1940; King of the Zombies, 1941; Phantom Killer , 1942; Law of the Jungle , 1942; Foot-light Serenade , 1942; Revenge of the Zombies , 1943; The Pin Up Girl , 1944; Meeting at Midnight , 1944; The Chinese Cat , 1944; Charlie Chan in the Secret Service , 1944; The Shanghai Cobra , 1945; The Scarlet Clue , 1945; The Jade Mask , 1945; Tall, Tan, and Terrific , 1946; Mantan Messes Up , 1946; Juke Joint , 1947; Spider Baby , 1964; The Young Nurses , 1973.

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