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Nutty Professor, The. 1996

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NUTTY PROFESSOR, THE . 1996. (PG-13) 95 min. Comedy. This film is a remake of the 1963 version starring Jerry Lewis, with lots of new and original plot twists. Professor Sherman Klump is an overweight, good hearted college professor who is very unhappy with his size. When he meets and falls in love with a beautiful new teacher, his low self esteem tells him she would never be interested in a clumsy fat man. He is conducting research on a weight loss formula involving DNA restructuring that has been very effective on lab rats. In a fit of desperation, he tries the formula on himself and turns into a slim, suave, egomaniac with far too much testosterone for anyone to put up with. He is rude, callous, and insensitive, and this threatens all the professor has worked for, including the love of his life. Eddie Murphy plays multiple roles. Cast: Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett Smith, James Coburn, Larry Miller, David Chappelle, John Ales, Patricia Wilson, Jamal Mixon, Nichole McAuley, Hamilton von Watts, Chao Li Chi, Tony Carlin, Quinn Duffy, Montell Jordan, Doug Williams. Director: Tom Shadyac. Writers: Jerry Lewis, Bill Richmond.

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