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Palcy, Euzhan (1958–)

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PALCY, EUZHAN (1958–). Director. The Martinique-born filmmaker watched and loved films from an early age. She wrote and directed the short film The Messenger for French television in Martinique when she was 17 years old before embarking upon her filmmaking studies. She earned a master’s degree in French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, a master’s degree in theater, and a film degree from the Louis Lumiere School of Cinema. Focusing on films dealing with cultural issues and social change, Palcy shot Sugar Cane Alley , 1983, her feature debut for less than $1 million and won more than 17 international prizes for her work. She was handpicked by Robert Redford to attend the 1984 Sundance Director’s Lab, where she was encouraged to seriously consider her options in Hollywood. Her second feature, A Dry White Season , 1989, is credited with helping to bring down the racist, South African system of apartheid, and she became the first female director of African descent to be produced by a major Hollywood studio.

Filmography: Sugar Cane Alley , 1983; A Dry White Season , 1989; Ruby Bridges , 1998; The Killing Yard , 2001.

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