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Sinclair, Madge (1938–1995)

horror conrack roots series

SINCLAIR, MADGE (1938–1995). Actress. This island girl from Kingston, Jamaica, married young, raised her family, and taught school until she was 30. She moved to New York City and did some modeling while she pursued an acting career. Sinclair acted with the New York Shakespearean Festival and at Joseph Papp’s Public Theater before making her television debut in The Witches of Salem: The Horror and the Hope , 1972, and her film debut in Conrack , 1974. She was nominated for an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Belle in the mini series Roots , 1977, and later joined the cast of the TV series Trapper John, M. D.

Filmography: The Witches of Salem: The Horror and the Hope , 1972; Conrack , 1974; Cornbread, Earl & Me , 1975; Lead-belly , 1976; I Will, I Will for Now , 1976; Roots , 1977; Uncle Joe Shannon , 1978; Convoy , 1978; One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story , 1978; I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings , 1979; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home , 1986; Coming to America , 1988; The End of Innocence , 1990; Queen , 1993; The Lion King , 1994.

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