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Singleton, John (1968–)

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SINGLETON, JOHN (1968–). Filmmaker, screenwriter. A native of Los Angeles, Singleton graduated from the University of California’s Film Writing program and rose to prominence after writing and directing a film version of his growing up in South Central Los Angeles. His film Boyz N the Hood , 1991, was made from his thesis screenplay and produced by Columbia Pictures. His hardcore urban-drama was a realistic portrayal of the violence and hardships of growing up black in the inner cities, and gang violence sometimes erupted in the theater. As a first-time director, he became the first African American and the youngest person ever nominated for a Best Director Academy Award. Singleton was tapped by Michael Jackson to direct his Remember the Time music video, and has continued to make films, including Poetic Justice , 1993; Higher Learning , 1995; and Rosewood , 1996. He directed a loosely based remake of the 1970s black detective film Shaft 2000 , and became the highest-grossing African American director of all time with the film sequel 2 Fast, 2 Furious , 2003.

Filmography: Boyz N The Hood , 1991; Poetic Justice , 1993; Higher Learning , 1994; Rosewood , 1996; Shaft 2000 , 2000; Baby Boy , 2001; 2 Fast 2 Furious , 2003.

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