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Tyson, Cicely (1939–)

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TYSON, CICELY (1939–). Actress. Born in New York City, Cicely Tyson went from being a secretary to a magazine fashion model before becoming an actress. She is probably best known for portraying two strong-willed Southern women. She portrayed Rebecca in the film Sounder , 1972, for which she received an Academy Award nomination, and Jane Pittman, in the television movie The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman , 1974, for which she won an Emmy Award. In 1959, Tyson was the first woman to wear a “natural” hairstyle on television, when she appeared on the CBS culture series Camera Three . On stage, she was cast in Jean Genet’s off-Broadway play The Blacks , and later landed a leading role in the CBS TV Series East Side, West Side . She moved on to motion pictures with The Comedians , 1967; The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter , 1968; and The River Niger , 1976. Her television record includes Roots , 1977; King , 1978; and Wilma , 1977, based on the life of tennis star Wilma Rudolph. Tyson also portrayed Harriet Tubman in A Woman Called Moses , 1978, and a schoolteacher in the made-for-TV movie, The Marva Collins Story . She was at one time married to world-renowned jazz trumpeter Miles Davis.

Filmography: A Man Called Adam , 1966; The Heart is a Lonely Hunter , 1968; Sounder , 1972; The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman , 1974; The River Niger , 1976; Wilma , 1977; Roots , 1977; A Woman Called Moses , 1978; King , 1978; A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ But a Sandwich , 1978; The Concorde: Airport ‘79 , 1979; Bustin’ Loose , 1981; Acceptable Risks , 1986; The Women of Brewster Place , 1989; Heat Wave , 1990; Fried Green Tomatoes , 1991; The Road to Galveston , 1996; Riot in the Streets , 1996; Hoodlum , 1996; Ms. Scrooge , 1997; Mama Flora’s Family , 1998; Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned , 1998; Life , 1999; A Lesson Before Dying , 1999; Aftershock Earthquake in New York , 1999; The Rosa Parks Story , 2003.

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